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WD5000BMVU Mini USB 2,5 Hard Disk

WD5000BMVUI have an external hard drive western digital WD5000ME that no longer works.

It starts (the LED Alume and blinking, the drive seems to run), but the connection to the PC does not work (or whatever the PC operating system).

I dismounted and have extracted the hard drive to connect it to my motherboard directly.

I then discovered a hard drive (reference wd5000bmvu) with 2 connectors:

  • The USB connector (the one that was accessible from the outside) soldered on the printed card hard drive
  •  The simple pine: only 1 left, a series of six in the middle and two on the right.

Not knowing this second connection (it is obviously no SATA or micro SATA), I used the wisest of you to enlighten me on:

  • The name of this connection?
  • Where to find an adapter / cable?
  • Other methods to try to recover the data (before sending it to someone whose job it is …)?

As far as I know a frecuent problem with this kind of hard disk is that the USB connector is slightly bent wen plugged.

Then some pins of the USB connector don´t make good electric contact and the full disk seems to be broken or become out of order.

Solution: before inserting the USB plug, carefully press the small tab in the center of the connector to make sure it press the plug when inserted. That way, all the pins in the connector make good electric contact and the drive begins again to work perfectly.